Caravan for Peace Brings Stories from the Drug War to Phoenix

debora pence August 26, 2012 0

Collaborative piece by Debora Pence and Arizona Community Press
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On the morning of August 15th the Phoenix Caravan for Peace Coalition hosted a Press Conference out in front of Division Public Health Services in Phoenix, Arizona. Speakers included Judge Jim Gray, Vice Presidential nominee for the Libertarian Party; Marinah Farrell, Phoenix Allies for Community Health; Mary Hope Lee, The Black Alliance for Just Immigration; and Nic de la Fuente of the Arizona Worker Rights Center.

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Later in the day the Caravan arrived and presented their stories through music, dancing, and word to an audience of a couple hundred people at Downtown Phoenix Civic Space.

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Photos at  Downtown Phoenix Civic Space

Photo Taken By Carlos Altamirano

Photo Taken By Carlos Altamirano

Photo Taken By Carlos Altamirano

Photo Taken By Carlos Altamirano

On Thursday, August 16th the Caravan visited Maricopa County’s “Tent City” jail to denounce the criminalization and inhumane treatment of immigrants by Sheriff Joe Arpaio. After visiting the jail there was a press conference held at Durango and 31st Avenue. The press conference included Caravan participants, together with local and national community leaders, expressed their solidarity with those incarcerated in the jail – often under degrading and dangerous conditions.

The goal of the Caravan for Peace is to engage in citizen diplomacy to stop the U.S.-led war on drugs and to start a healing process from the national emergency that has devastated Mexico. Throughout the journey, family members will tell stories of the drug war’s human toll while building ties with communities throughout the U.S. also deeply impacted by the drug war. As the Caravan travels throughout the United States their plans are to create awareness about drug violence, weapons trafficking and trans-border issues such as migration and money laundering.

The caravan that will end its journey in Washington D.C. on September 12th, The events in Phoenix were hosted by 17 human rights organizations which included The Black Alliance for Just Immigration, PUENTE, Occupy Phoenix and Phoenix IWW.

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