“People Over Profit” Silent Biohazard Vigil

Editor September 25, 2012 2

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Credit: Michelle Lewis

The week of September 17th in conjunction with Occupy Monsanto over 75 locations held protests worldwide working againstcompanies, such as Monsanto, connected to the global trade of genetically engineered foods, also known as GMOs. Actions included protests outside the GMO industry conference in St. Louis and a “Decontamination” action in Lima, Peru. The week before in Southern California nine anti-GMO protesters were arrested for blocking the gates to a large Monsanto seed plant. The action aimed to draw attention to a November ballot initiative that would require labels on genetically modified food.

In Phoenix on Wednesay, Sept 19th a handful of people participated in a Silent Biohazard Vigil in front of McDonald’s in conjunction with a national call to Occupy Monsanto. McDonald’s was chosen because they continue to sell food containing GMO’s.

Watch a video of the action here (taken by Data Darling):

If the embedded video doesn’t load you can watch it here.


McDonald’s declared a “genetic biohazard” zone
Photo by Michelle Lewis

Photo taken by Michelle Lewis

Photo taken by Michelle Lewis