Film Review: “Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our Lives”

Editor January 15, 2013 0

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“Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our Lives” is a new documentary, a production by Jeffery Smith and the Institute for Responsible Technology, which features interviews with medical doctors, veterinarians, farmers, educators, nutritionists and scientists about the “the unintended but real health consequences of genetically engineering our food”.

The documentary covers everything from the basics of genetically modified organisms to California Ballot Initiative 37. “Genetic Roulette” also examines the significant connection between genetically modified food and the rise of birth defects, autism, allergies and intestinal damage.

Trailer for Genetic Roulette:

Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine film review goes on to say:

“Scientists present convincing evidence about how proteins and toxins related to the addition of roundup linger in the gut, destroying gut flora and leading to a host of digestive and other health concerns. Study after study reveals the health problems caused by consumption of genetically modified foods in both animals and humans.

The movie presents many actual cases of animals and people eating a GMO vs. non GMO diet and the corresponding physiological impact. The graphic display of unhealthy livestock, sick pets and cattle dying after eating GMO cotton stalks in India leaves one with a strong visual impression of the serious complications GMO foods can cause.

No movie on this topic would be complete without a discussion of the politics and business concerns that pervade the GMO food industry. We learn how organizations advocating for GM products have used power and influence to promote their own vested interests, despite all the contrary evidence and at the ultimate expense of you and me.”

On Saturday, January 19th there will be a free film screening of “Genetic Roulette” sponsored by GMO Free Phoenix at Fiesta Fountains in Mesa. The movie will be followed by discussion about GMO’s with local speakers Dr. Colette Critchfield, an autism expert and Nancy LaPlaca.

This film is a wakeup call for anyone that likes to eat. It provides important scientific findings and urges us all to take an active role in defending our food supply and our health.