Nican Tlaca March for Human Rights

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On Saturday, January 19th a March for Human Rights took place in Arizona. The march, which was organized by Tonatierra, began at the 4th Avenue Street Jail in downtown Phoenix and ended at the Glendale Police Department. Along the march route in downtown Phoenix a crowd of 100 people made stops at Wells Fargo and the Phoenix Police Department. The march then proceeded west out of Phoenix to Glendale. The message of this march was that “We have Rights”.

Photo taken by Tekpatl Izkalotecatl

Solidarity statement from the US Human Rights Network:

“Today Tonatierra held a Human Rights March in Arizona.
USHRN offered this solidarity statement:

The US Human Rights Network stands in solidarity with Tonatierra in the struggle for human rights. As we commemorate the birthday of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. this weekend, we are reminded that we must rise above the narrow confines of individualistic concerns and join forces to take on the broader concerns of all humanity. We know that all rights are inextricably linked and therefore we are fighting for the full spectrum of human rights from our rights to self-determination, to life, to decent work, to be free from racial profiling, to enjoy the environment, and to practice our culture and religion.

We stand with Tonatierra in the demand that the inherent dignity of all
human beings be recognized and respected.

We stand with Tonatierra in the demand for the human right to self-determination

We stand with Tonatierra in the demand that sacred sites be respected and

We stand with Tonatierra in calling for the full implementation of the UN
Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

We call on the Obama Administration to sign the UN Convention on the Rights
of Migrant Workers

We recognize that our communities must work together if we are to win the fight for human rights, and the US Human Rights Network is honored to join forces with Tonatierra.”

Photo by Tekpatl Izkalotecatl

“From Selma to Phoenix, From Phoenix to Glendale..we march for human rights.”