What Happens in Guadalupe, AZ?

Michael Nehl Royer May 14, 2013 0

If we weren’t there, what would have happened?

By Michael Nehl Royer
Unifying Arizona | www.unifyaz.blogspot.com

As my friend and I were about to start canvassing and talk with the People of Guadalupe about the upcoming Mayoral election (and, specifically, about our support for candidate Rebecca Jimenez), we saw something straight out of a movie – yet, a sight probably all too common and realistic for Guadalupe’s residents.

In the blink of an eye, this beautiful and quiet day turned hectic. As we were sitting on a bench by the street corner, two Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) squad cars quickly pulled over a red truck and blocked off the street. Unnecessarily, one of the officers got out of his car, immediately unholstered his handgun, and got into a firing position over his car. He commanded: “Get out! Put your hands on the car!”

The driver, who had obediently pulled over after the officers flipped the lights and sirens on (which wasn’t very long beforehand), got out and timidly put his hands on the truck.

My friend and I went into “Copwatch” mode, pulled out our phones, and started to record.

The two officers approached the vehicle, quickly searched it (were they looking for something? damming evidence – of sorts?), *saw us, and hastily left the scene.

I recorded the license plates numbers of the officers, stopped recording, and tried to go up to the vehicle to find out what happened. But, the driver, understandably, drove off quickly.

How bizarre.

“She (current Mayor, Alma Yolanda Solarez) has yet to hold anybody from MCSO accountable. It has been well documented that they would send the rogue deputies here, many who have gotten in trouble, and by not holding them accountable, she shows support.”

Rebecca Jimenez is getting ready to canvass for her campaign for the Mayoral election on May 21st, 2013. She has been canvassing with many of her volunteers for around 4.5 months. I asked her about Guadalupe, her vision for it, and what has been happening.

It didn’t take long to see that things were not good. “Just about six months ago, a youth, a 19 year-old, was shot and killed here (by an MCSO deputy).” This kind of situation would regularly get the ‘Well, what did he do?’ response, but if one has any idea that Racial Profiling, Discrimination, and Abuse of Power exist (especially in Arizona), then the comment ought to be: “How WRONG!”

In any case, a young 19 year old should NEVER be killed by law enforcement. If that makes you uncomfortable, then I’ll ask you: What if this was your Child? I implore you to watch the following video that is linked in this article:

*VIDEO* of the Reaction of the Town of Guadalupe to Arpaio’s Deputy shooting and killing a 19 year old:

Why can’t ‘our’ society envision something different then allowing young people to be murdered? Why do we continue to assume that the people who get murdered by Law Enforcement are doing ‘wrong’? Why do we continue to make excuses for Corrupt Institutions, such as MCSO?


There are alternative visions.

Rebecca Jimenez and Council member Andrew Sanchez are trying to change the Extreme Corruption that exists in Guadalupe. Jimenez said that she envisions a Neighborhood Courts Program, similar to those used in an area in the city of San Francisco. “For nonviolent offenders / non-serious crimes, they face a court of their own peers and community members, and are given Community Service.” This allows them to NOT have records, which tend to haunt and suppress people forever. ‘We should want to help our Community members, not hurt them.’

guadalup in action, for mayor jimenez, 4.13.13, via Andrew

Additionally, Jimenez hopes to clean the streets more often, via using a rarely-used street sweeper which was purchased by the Town, 2 years ago. The current Government, apparently, does not care to even clean the streets for the People.

There are also other things to be done, such as: hiring an independent Auditor of all the expenses of Guadalupe’s Government (i.e. there are a lot of Mileage Claims, Hotel expenses, etc., that are ‘fishy’); balancing the budget – which the current majority administration has helped to create a $120,000 defecit, even though money was transferred from the Sewer Fund, a necessary social service; and *more Solar Energy and Community Gardens for the Town of Guadalupe.

Article: more About Rebecca [1]: http://blogs.phoenixnewtimes.com/bastard/2013/03/joe_arpaios_nemesis_rebecca_ji.php

Jimenez, who lives with her Family and is invested in the Town of Guadalupe, vows that she “will hold MCSO accountable; Won’t let them terrorize our community; Will watch the budget diligently”. Additionally, bringing in the right staff (i.e. the Town Manager & Attorney) would be necessary adjustments.

You can tell that she wants to make things better. A cleaner community; More active; More informed.

Article: more About Rebecca [2]: http://immigrationmexicanamerican.blogspot.com/2013/03/one-tough-latina-rebecca-jimenez-former.html


City Council meetings have become chaotic. I recently attended a council meeting to see for myself and noticed that the City Manger, County Attorney, Mayor, and some Council Members, were swiftly passing things in order to get what they wanted passed. Not to mention, that the 2nd meeting of the night was supposed to start at 7pm, yet began and ended beforehand.

Here is some VIDEO footage of Andrew Sanchez responding to Mayor Solarez’s false accusations of ‘hiding behind social media’, just before Solarez and the City Manager stopped the meeting:

**NOTE – Solarez, who has not allowed community members to speak during the recent Council Meetings (even during Public Comment!) stopped the meeting as soon as someone spoke out. How disgraceful. How cowardice.

There is a history of oppression in Guadalupe. So, this is my way of echoing the ‘SOS’ for the Good People of Guadalupe.

VIDEO: Guadalupe vs. Arpaio

Article [3]: http://blogs.phoenixnewtimes.com/bastard/2008/04/open_rebellion_guadalupe_mayor.php

Article [4]: http://www.azcentral.com/news/articles/2011/12/15/20111215mcso-guadalupe-residents-applaud-justice-dept-findings.html

These problems are serious! The modus operandi of the MCSO is to ‘stun’ first and not answer questions later. Extreme Corruption exists in the City Council and Staff members. A lot of the Town’s People have become soo disheartened with the current state of Political affairs in Guadalupe.

Where is the Integrity? Where is the Accountability? Where is the Community?


One last story:

Rebecca Jimenez, Council member Andrew Sanchez, and many concerned Community Members had to band together in order to defeat the Private Sale of the Public Mercado, which is one of the only places where a lot of people can gather en masse in Guadalupe. The privatization of Public spaces is so horrible, for various reasons, but let’s just say that it is a land-grabbing, community-destroying, extremely corrupt, collusive, and Greedy attempt to further Control things done by a few people who are already in ‘control’ of too many things.

guadalupe mercado

* Guadalupe is under attack! * Corruption & Collusion are trying to take over the Town.
Let me make it clear: THIS IS NOT RIGHT! We don’t nearly say this enough when things are not right.

My closing thoughts: Some things happen and they’ll stay with you forever. Others are gone in a flash. What happens in a rather isolated Town, like Guadalupe, can tend to stay within it. We are oftentimes left with more questions than answers (which: some people like it that way). If there is not enough people describing the truth about what’s going on, then we are subject to the rule of those who indoctrinate / brain-wash others.

“(People) need to stand against the suppression / oppression that we feel from (MCSO).” – Rebecca Jimenez