The Truth Tour

Editor May 20, 2013 0

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kaleidoscope yogaPhoenix is invited to a Party, The Truth Party.

The Truth Party will stop at the Trunk Space 1506 NW Grand Ave, Phoenix, Arizona on Wednesday, May 22nd and hopes you’ll join them in finding answers. Participants have commented on the benefits of using the Kaleidoscope Community Yoga featured at the event to connect to help build mutual consciousness. Performer Mc Crazy Monk is known for peaceful hip-hop that entertains while disclosing the reality of our political situation. Sander’s discussions of economics, embraces the power of entrepreneurship with activism to use business to improve your community and educate others.

The Truth Party has traveled the country to try to find what has become of the American Dream and how to get it back on track. Trust in government officials is low in the USA and many feel the country has moved away from its core principals. Rather than getting depressed, using drugs or giving up the Truth Party asks us to use the power of love to make change.

The Truth Party Organizer Sander Hicks says it is time for progressives to act like prophets, following the example set by courageous leaders such as Martin Luther King and Cesar Chavez who showed non-violent solutions where possible. The Truth Party asks people to start a discussion about how to move to an economy that builds on peace. Sander points out that “The war economy has bankrupted our country. The dollar is in decline, and the Chinese, who own a big chunk of our debt, are getting nervous. Stay on the path we are on, the dollar will collapse.”

Many believe the government has failed to correctly prosecute wall street, question the truth of 9/11 as a pretext for the patriot act, war and indefinite detention in violation of human rights at places like Guantanamo Bay. Sander advocates non-violent solutions saying, “Our empire is an empire in crisis, expanding abroad, but bankrupt at home. The USA aches for answers, and they will come from me, and you, through this new political formation, the Truth Party… Never forget America’s contributions: democracy, the internet, jazz, hip-hop, and rock and roll.”

Truth Party events combine group yoga practices, spiritual seeking, hip-hop, and new ways of thinking about economics. Sander Hicks, an MC named Crazy Monk, and Kaleidoscope Yoga’s Lo Nathamundi invite you to a place where spiritual and political traditions combine. Where Jesus and Allah and Buddha are one, and all are on the side of revolutionary politics and where peace is the natural order of things.

**The event will take place on Wednesday, May 22nd at 9pm at the Trunk Space, 1506 NW Grand Avenue.  Facebook event link here: