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Poem by Edwardo Daniel James


we place their paws into our hand

the broken, beaten and the damned

… we’re standing with, we can’t withstand

to see them sold by pound and gram

the faceless souls of cow and

chickens, piglets, rescued “ham”

horses marked by master’s brand

herded sheep in no man’s land

we’re standing by, we can’t by stand

while our species has total command

we place their paws into our hand

that in peace we will unite and band

we place their heads unto our chest

we shelter them and let them rest

she’s free to spread her wings and nest

the feathers return to her breast

we give them what they’ve been denied

no longer are they held inside

it frees our souls to see them stride

in us they give trust and confide

we strum their hearts until they’re healed

they’re free to roam and graze the field

some have brothers who’ve been killed

we strum their hearts until they’re healed

we’ll stand up for them, be their shield

until this promise is fulfilled


written by Edwardo Daniel James

edited by Ioana Samartinean

Phoenix Animal Liberation Squad

Animal Liberation Now


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