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Josette Madonia July 17, 2013 1

By Josette Madonia
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darby_poster_featureInformant played at Film Bar in Phoenix as part of the Gathr Film Series. The Gathr Film Series plays every Wednesday at Film Bar.  The film series cost a couple dollars more than the usual screenings at Film Bar. Informant is a documentary about the activist life of Brandon Darby.

The films begins and ends with the voice of Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!, talking about the case of Brandon Darby.

Brandon Darby working with Common Ground Collective.

Brandon Darby working with Common Ground Collective.

After Hurricane Katrina, Darby set out to find his friend Robert King Wilkerson, whom Darby calls King in the film. After seeing how the neighborhood where his friend lives was devastated – including black people being murdered by racist militias – and the lack of help the people in the neighborhood were getting from the government, Darby became involved with the Common Ground Collective. The Common Ground Collective was started by Malik Rahim, a community organizer and former Black Panther Party member and Scott Crow, an anarchist and organizer from Texas. The objective of the collective was to provide food, water and medical care to those affected by Hurricane Katrina and ultimately to the Ninth Ward.

However, after Darby enthusiastically traveled to Venezula to solicit money for the collective and to see revolutionaries, he returned with a different outlook and seemed to have a breakdown and suffer from post-traumatic stress.

It was after Darby started to pull back from his activism that he had an encounter with a Free Palestine activist, Riad Hamad. Darby went to the FBI concerned over Hamad’s activism and when Hamad ended up at the bottom of a lake, Darby turned to the FBI as the only people he could talk to.

This seemed to strengthen his bond with the FBI until Darby ultimately ended up in an investigation of the 2008 RNC protests in Minnesota where Darby friended some anarchists who were 10 years his junior. They looked up to Darby and wanted to impress him. However, when Darby turned on them and testified against them, he betrayed not only the young actvists protesting the RNC, but also his once-friends, Crow, Rahim and Wilkerson, who no longer consider Darby a friend. This once activist turned FBI informant went from wanting to go to prison to start a revolution, to speaking at Americans For Prosperity and Tea Party gatherings to talk about how he infiltrated the left.

Brandon Darby infiltrating the RNC protests.

Brandon Darby infiltrating the RNC protests.

In 2008, Darby wrote and Open Letter from Brandon Darby where he says,

There are currently allegations in the media that I have worked undercover for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. This allegation no doubt confuses many activists who know me and probably leaves many wondering why I would seemingly choose to engage in such an endeavor. The simple truth is that I have chosen to work with the Federal Bureau of investigation.”

Darby, now writes for Andrew Briebart’s conservative webite, and after all was said and done, Darby was seen in the film locked in his house with an alarm and gun and fearful of the death threats he says he receives.

Movie trailer for Informant:

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