Executive Order Framework: Engineered With Malevolence or Coincidence? Part II

Blake Standifird July 18, 2013 1
Executive Order Framework: Engineered With Malevolence or Coincidence? Part II

Let us begin and conduct the second portion of this piece within the tentative framework that the topics and background within the first portion rise to fruition in the extreme–a worst case scenario, if you will. After all, that is the beauty of genuine, honest, and transparent journalism–that all sides, possibilities, concessions and potential outcomes are lent the allowance of impartial consideration with the ultimate conclusions and decisions left to the indulging reader, and not to the media talking head. ‘Tentative framework’ being the key figure of speech in that what is considered herein is by and large a mere extremity within the spectrum of possibility for the sake of the most complete circumstantial review and reflection of the particular series of events and situations facing us–us in this case, being the citizen body of the United States of America.

In awareness of this context, we stray away from purporting so-called urban myths and hysteria over unsubstantiated conspiracy theories and such. A documented, substantiated, and carefully conducted interview and article was composed as  given in the following link:


As you may sense, the authors of the piece endeavored to cover all their bases, and to dispel and dissolve any of the all too frequent and mundane conspiracy hysteria so often found on the internet. For so long have truth seekers fallen into the discarded stack of those who don tin foil hats. And no doubt, often times they are indeed labeled as they deserve, especially when neglecting to do their research in the most objective, thorough, and honest of fashions–whether it be by way of patronizing incredible websites, non-empirically derived YouTube videos, and/or absorbing the rash judgments of certain pundits. On the other hand, there is always two sides to a coin–and figuratively, usually more than two. In the case of executive usurpation and abuse of various power and legislative slaps in the face such as 2001’s PATRIOT Act among numerous others, the time comes around the mountain when the American constituency is warranted and excused in their inquiries of their established, elected, and appointed governmental overseers–after all they know all they want to know, when they want to know, about all of us.

The lacking transparency and honesty among policymakers and bureaucrats is disturbing. This theme is pervasive throughout bodies of the government from our presidents, to law enforcement, all the way down to the Departments of Motor Vehicles. In the case of the most latter it is frustrating and almost laughable, but at the highest echelons it should be no less than suspicious, concerning, and insulting. When and where does it end, if ever? Multitudes of schools through academia and science, all the way down to the most uneducated but common-sensed portions of our society have taken issue with it in one form or another. Nonetheless, with questions unanswered, as a whole we continue on our merry way, awaking at 8 A.M. and returning at 6 P.M., crack the poorly chosen mass-produced light beer, and channel over to the Bachelor while impatiently awaiting football season to dawn and even more impatiently awaiting the processed microwave ‘dinner’ to ‘cook’ with only a few seconds remaining on the digital timer. When blood has been spilled by numberless a human for the preservation of the rights and liberties of their families and communities, we spill in our pants over the misinterpreted glance, text message, or accidental lane change of a family or community member today. Some perspective is in order.

So , what about the millions of plastic caskets, or the widespread sighting and identification of ammunition transports, armor machines, and black DHS helicopters? No, it couldn’t happen here. History does not repeat itself. Government always means well. American soldiers will not fire on or detain their own. Policymakers would not surrender our sovereignty to the U.N. or foreign troops. This is America, there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass, remember? Well, for the blades of grass still alive to absorb carbon dioxide you can suppose there may perhaps be rifles behind some of that grass– at least for as long as there is food, water, fuel, capital, means of production, and good men at the sides of those rifles not seized by the feds.  See executive orders in PART I. For love’s sake, if it is simply too late and we have slept too long, cannot those in official positions just reveal the set behind the curtain? And if everything is fine and dandy, will Obama please start strapping that Nobel Peace Prize to his back so we can all rest assured he stands for such a thing? Drones, Bradley Manning, indefinite detention and executive orders aside..

All in all, much of this news and recent occurrence is a real deal shame and beyond concerning to many. And on the same token, it is still prone to sounding like hype. After all, things are better in this sovereignty in many ways than they are in others. And nothing has gone up in complete flames, at least in a physical sense. But at the same time, economic disparities lengthen, savings continue to diminish, enormous debt and ample amount of foreclosure is prevalent, and the middle class dwindles. If none of that is striking it is easily supposed that federal abuse of power is a matter and a conflict of principle. However, as illustrated, the framework for further control is alive and well, and it’s dawn is perhaps over the horizon. A solution is needed, but I would be lying if I said I knew what it was, or that I was even sure we are not beyond some point of no return. It remains food for thought nonetheless, and that is enough.