OP-ED: Who is Paying Sal DiCiccio?

Sean Patrick Miller September 6, 2013 1

By Sean Patrick Miller
YA BASTA! | www.seanmiller12.wordpress.com

Lobbyist support Sal DiCiccio

Who is paying City of Phoenix Councilman Sal DiCiccio? Who is paying for his vitriolic attacks on unions, on the Arizona working man, the Arizona middle class? Who is paying for his continual diatribe against organizations responsible for a forty hour workweek, paid holidays, vacations and sick time, not to mention employer-sponsored health insurance? Before organized labor, none of these privileges existed. You had a right to work, period. In Arizona, you have a ‘right to work’. Your employer may fire you at any time, for any reason, and not even tell you why. Yes, I’m afraid this is true. Whether you sweep floors, break tires, or administer anesthesia for a living, if you work for someone else, anyone else, your employer may legally terminate you with no reason given, period. Sorry. So, let’s make the situation even worse! Let’s get rid of these unions!

Back to my question, “Who is paying Sal DiCiccio?” Follow the money. It is a matter of public record that Governor Scott Walker, of Wisconsin, was very heavily contributed to by Koch Industries, the flagship corporation of the ‘billionaire brothers’, Charles and David Koch, who contribute vast fortunes to ultra-conservative causes through right wing think tanks and shadow corporations, and have, until recently, flown way below the radar. The US Supreme court’s Citizens United ruling is an example of the result of their clandestine donations. Walker’s union busting efforts, corruption, and malfeasance are legendary.

Who are the Koch brothers? They are two sons of Fred C. Koch, native of Quanah, Texas, a chemical engineer educated at Rice University, who graduated from MIT. He worked in Stalin’s Soviet Union, briefly, but long enough to be disgusted by Stalin’s fascist dictatorship. Many of Koch’s colleagues simply disappeared in Stalin’s Soviet Union. Government corruption caused myriads of production delays. Life was abysmal. History has labeled Stalin a socialist. Koch believed Stalin was a socialist. By Mussolini’s own definition, fascism is the melding of business with government. Compare Stalin with Mussolini and Hitler.

Like Churchill and many other world leaders living just prior to World War II, Koch was enamored with the Italian experience. Mussolini made the Italian trains run on time. Italian production was up. However, Churchill changed his mind.

Years after Koch returned to the US, his hatred of Stalinism remained so great, that he co-founded the John Birch Society, proud sponsor of McCarthyism and guilt by rumor. In his wake, lives and careers would be ruined, including those of such distinguished personages as Edward G. Robinson and Aaron Coplin, merely because someone would whisper a lie, or a half truth, about connections to the Communist Party.

So, who are the Koch brothers? The answer is, “They are second generation Birchers, who happen to be greedy billionaires.” Their agenda is both ideological and financial. Like their father, they foment vitriol about organized labor being communist, the concept of worker’s rights to be un-American, thereby believing in an ultimate ‘right to work’, and elevate Ayn Rand’s adolescent philosophy of objectivism to the sacred.

It is only a coincidence, that if their will were done, they would be even more incredibly wealthy and powerful. Labor costs would be practically non-existent. Days off? Vacation time? Health care? Only if one could afford it. As the character, Henry F. Potter, in Frank Capra’s It’s a Wonderful Life said, “What we need is a frugal working class!” Save your money, even if you have none to save, and eventually you might get to “live and die in a couple of decent rooms.” Usher in nouveau slavery.

Charles Koch resides in Wichita, David Koch resides in Manhattan. Can you say, “Out of state money?” Sure, you can. Back to my original question, “Who is paying City of Phoenix Councilman, Sal DiCiccio?” Follow the money.