Reconstruction Law 1: A rationalizing being cannot build a rational society.

Stephen Stollmack September 9, 2013 0


Fair trade, open trade,
Multinational colonialist trade.
A new world order
Invisible border
The same old land-owner keeping order
Still more corporate towns
For controlling disorder
Financed debt outlasting bricks and mortar
The darkness that made communities
Is now a broken mortgage
With Economic man at our side
We look into the past
Four million years of pounding stones
Making tools and weapons hone
Killing animals for their Skin
For warmth of what’s within
At 200,000 years we mastered fire
To paint away fearful nights
Two hands became many
To protect each other
To strengthen togetherness
But, the shadows would not leave
They were hungry for more
They said we needed slaves
To guard our their doors
And make new lights
Dance to our delights
We still feared darkness to be
When we turned off the TV
That is just who we are – how we developed – how we remained together.
Now with dancing electrons
Few flash pictures into space
Reflected we see ourselves intact
We no longer need hold hands
Or whisper in the dark
Our communities are now abstract
Religious communities,
Military Communities
Anti-terrorist communities
Spies and eavesdropping communities
Agents chasing terrorists as they fade away
Communities reduced to common jobs
Or common interests
It no longer means being together
In thought and for survival
Because offering sympathy remains all we can do
They do it all for us
So we feel safe
Nothing more needed
We feel community as we watch the daily news.
Urgent problems are being solved
At places you have never been
At least someone understands
So more safety is at hand
We watch our reflections on TV
Adds of what we eat
Reassured by the sameness of our habits
We talk in digital streams
And feedback comes without smiles
Bits that are forever expressionless
All this has somehow brought us to a deeper darkness
This time of the human spirit
We have to learn to live all over again and
I’m not sure we can do it, because …
Rationalizing beings cannot never build a rational society.