Natural and Holistic Dental Healthcare Venue

Blake Standifird September 11, 2013 0

When you consider your dental health, have you ever thought to consider the extent to which your dentist is utilizing natural and holistic methods and materials in and around your mouth? Are you aware that your dental health has been long considered by various cultures, histories and people over many thousands of years as a reflection of a person’s overall health? And were you aware that there are venues indeed committed to utilizing such theories and methodologies? Well, there are.

Similar to traditional medicine—modern and traditional dental medicine methodology uses numerous unnatural, synthetic, and/or metallic materials for fillings, cosmetics , simple cleanings, and just about every other thing you may be looking to have done when you next visit your dentist. For the health-conscious and holistically-oriented, this is a big deal. It is an equally big deal to be aware that there is a venue for ensuring your dental work is done in the most modern, yet healthy, pure, and biologically-friendly way possible.

My Dentist – Biological Dentistry” is located in the East Valley in Mesa, Arizona. They are powered by 200 solar panels and also use state of the art water filtration systems to rid their water of chemicals, toxins, and metals. For formerly done dental work which incorporated mercury metal, they retain the technology to carefully remove mercury and safely dissolve the mercury vapor via their Air Purification Systems designed by Eco Systems.

The dental technology utilized during operations surpasses the technology seen in most  any other dental office. CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) technology allows the doctors to precisely fabricate new or reconstructed ceramic teeth to restore dilapidated bone to its proper and appropriate function. This can be accomplished typically within a single visit as opposed to traditional methods which have your teeth removed and have you returning weeks later for their replacement. Crowns, veneers, onlays and inlays can be constructed using ceramic material. This milling is done almost immediately via computer programs which digitally send precisely produced diagnostics of the teeth to ceramic milling hardware, and the new material for your mouth is biologically friendly and immediately available—metals not included.

If all that is not entirely convincing, the X-Ray technology at My Dentist is digitally-derived. Thus, 70%-90% of radiation output by typical X-Ray technology is avoided. To go along with any radiation that the patient is exposed to, natural remedies are offered to the patient as a precaution and staff are encouraged to take daily remedies for radiation. Fortunately, everyone concerned has a lot less to worry about than anyone passing through the doors of most any other dental office.

Needless to say, they know a whole lot more about their operation then any non-dentist and look forward to substantiating everything said herein as well as consulting with you further for your most optimal health.