So What Am I Now?

Stephen Stollmack January 7, 2014 0
So What Am I Now?

By Stephen Stollmack
Arizona Community Press |


Once I was proud to be a Democrat
Then there was Vietnam
I became a Radical
New Leftist sounded good
Didn’t last long enough to see if it would
Because the war was called a draw
And New Left became outside the law.
So, I went back to work
To raise a family like an ordinary jerk
I slipped back
to being a good Liberal
And then prosperity became the issue
And Reagan, the Master
Tore down the wall
Like an economic clown
Could say: ‘no worry, we got trickle-down’.
Liberals seeming to have left the town
Bush came along but found no trickle
It looked like we were in a pickle
Then came Clinton
With the Neo Liberal Definition
And a head of state
That could dance
Without taking down his pants
Saying what we needed to be after
Was a simply thing called NAFTA
Then came the gift of SCOTUS
From Skull and Bones devotes
Sprouting words without meaning
And lots of Hokus Pokus
Watching the nine-eleven crashes
From one of the kindergarten classes
Declaring war against terror
Mostly striking out in error
At an Axis of Evil
And phantom WMD’s
Then suddenly we awoke
To a nation being broke
With housing market bubbles
Presenting financial troubles
The American Dream we beseech
Is now totally out of reach
And as his last act
Without them not even saying thanks
He puts us further in debt
By bailing out the banks.
As Bush takes it on the lamb
We elect Mr. ‘Yes We Can’
Our first ever President, who is a black
And hope seems like it might come back
But to our shock and pain
‘Yes, we can’ became
A muffled refrain
Instead, Bush’s Wars continue on
And more debts need to be paid
To other banks of other nations
Before we all could understand
Was treated with such sleight of hand
That Transparency became secrecy
And hope something to be watched
And listened to on webs and servers
And recorded on invisible electronic tracks
We excused him for the more bailouts
And watched while they soaked up every dime
While paying themselves huge bonuses
Saying, “Oh, only just this one last time”
So I became an Occupier
And demonstrated in a well policed line
To be doing something with those
Who thought we just needed
To know the problem better
And make governmental leaders
To better understand
But, then, he came with the NDA
And indefinite detention
And secretive surveillance
And as if that was not enough,
Now they want our children
To control their imagination
And sacrifice their thrill of learning
To dumbed-down education standards
And brain-numbing testing and
New versions of the three R’s:
Rigidity, routine, and rigor
Again, I became enraged
And I searched for other education leaders
With whom to become engaged
Those of more ‘liberal’ mind
But local Democrat officials seemed blind
And beholden to Educators of the Corporate kind
I shouted and I jeered
Leave education to teachers
Let the children discover what to learn
But Democrats were too cowered to listen
And Only Tea Partiers stood up in opposition
Am I about to find a new political position?